Toronto Diary
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It’s Gay Pride Month!

You know, it wasn’t enough for Obama to make June Gay History Month. (It is kind of a shame for Black History Month. Seriously, February? It’s the shortest, most depressing month. Why couldn’t it be August? SO much better than February). Once again, June has been declared Gay Pride Month! That’s right: we now have an entire month to ourselves! And arguably the best one, as long as you don’t have exams or anything.

Just to put that into perspective, we have 30 days of warm, sunny weather, which I know most of you will spend shirtless. Let’s face it – sucking cock is a great ab workout, so you might as well flash them cum-gutters. And of course, Toronto Pride is coming up soon, and thanks to the newly relaxed liquor laws, you can walk around with a drink and there’s nothing anyone can do about it! You know, to a reasonable extent. Anyway, here’s to a month of warm, sunny, drunk-but-responsibly-so gayness!

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