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It’s in the male

Who would have thought postage could be so sexy?

The following images will appear on the Finnish postal service’s new September stamp series:

  • photos of Finnish bridges
  • autumnal garden scenes
  • hardcore leather-daddy gay erotica

Itella, Finland’s national postal service, has revealed in a press release that the work of an iconic gay-erotica artist will grace a series of postage stamps this fall.

The press release describes how the extensively published work of Tom of Finland, the pseudonym of Finnish visual artist Touko Laaksonen, has influenced pop culture and fashion. “In his works, Tom of Finland utilized the self-irony and humor typical of subcultures.”

The stamps, selected and created by graphic designer Timo Berry and a representative from the Los Angeles foundation named after Tom of Finland, are displayed in their entirety in the press release and on the Metro UK website.

“Stamps will also feature watercolors, bridges, everyday life and Christmas,” the press release notes. Yeah . . . that’s what we’re staring at.