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It’s Madonna’s world. We just live in it.

Don't know how long Warner Music will allow this YouTube video to stay up but here for now is Madonna's new single:

I often make fun of the Material Girl's awe-inspiring narcissism but no one can deny that it works — who else could turn an expensive reissue of old material into this fall's biggest music event?  Hell, you can even buy her workout playlist on iTunes.  Not bad for a piece of gristle!

The Globe and Mail's Lynn Crosbie is even defending Madonna's haphazard political posturing which, I'm the first to admit, we gays have benefited aplenty from. 

The woman's gone to bat for us, even when we haven't for ourselves.

And that's my cue to introduce Andre Bauer, the newly outed Republican Lt. Governor of South Carolina — and the man in line to replace current Governor Mark Sanford, who infamously left his job, wife and kids to flee to his "soulmate" mistress in Argentina. I thought his story was oddly sweet, actually, but it'll be fun to see whether conservative SC voters go with the adulterer or the closet homosexual.

Outing is never a pretty thing  but when the rights of gay people are denied by homophobic groups that include gay people in them, I say we just tell it like it is and see what happens next.  It's the only path to progress.

And in a totally, utterly unrelated story, Conservative federal minister John Baird says a fall election would be totally "irresponsible."  Because when Canadians think "Stephen Harper government," they think of responsibility.

In a perfect world, no one would ever be outed because they would just tell the truth to supportive friends and family, like on TV — check out yesterday's episode of "One Life to Live:"

As idealized as that scene is, we'd never have seen it on daytime TV a decade ago.  So keep mouthing off, Madonna — the world is bending closer to your will all the time!