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It’s my happiest day ever!

Whew!  After a post-Pride bout of making a one-week, four-part response to UK activist Peter Tatchell's State of the Gay Union, I'm ready to settle down and focus on the day's big stories and the things that really matter:


Yes, all feels right with the world — like that church in James Bay that put up a rainbow flag on Sunday.  Delightful!

But the big story this weekend was the insanely abrupt resignation of my beloved wingnut and Tiny Fey fan club member Sarah Palin. She's quitting Alaska to save Alaska (or something like that) and will have more time for her family, FOX News, threatening her enemies on Twitter and of course her leisure activities

I'm gonna miss her!  Ever since her demented debut last fall, she's provided us with so much solid Grade-A craziness and her confused, rambling exit speech was as deliciously nutty as ever:

Then the fun continued with befuddled non-sports-fan Anderson Cooper trying to make rational sense of it all (watch for his adorable head-scratch-of-confusion at the 4:30 mark):

Why do I have such a beef with this woman?  One of Andrew Sullivan's readers explains it neatly:

Part of Sarah Palin's irresistible appeal to her fundamentalist base is
her ability to look at the camera with utter conviction and declare
black to be white.

The ability to lie well is a valuable part of the fundamentalist
My son isn't gay, he just hasn't found the right woman!
Those rocks aren't 50 million years old, they just look like it as a
test of our faith!
My sexless marriage isn't foundering, it is filled
with God's spirit!
The minister isn't molesting little Maria, they're
just very close!
It isn't torture, it is being tough on terrorists!

She'll be back in some way of course but for now, by quitting, she's committed political suicide.  Could my day get any better?  Yes, watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon "slash" his comic-book fans with this Angel/Spike make-out (click on the picture for the whole thing):

I think "sproing, rub-a rub-a" are my favourite new sound effects. 

And if vampire tongue action wasn't enough to make a gay nerd's heart beat faster, we've the return of "Torchwood" — the UK's finest bisexual team of alien-hunters are back in a one-week, five-part epic starting tonight on the BBC (though we'll get it in Canada in two weeks on Space).

Here's the spoooooky trailer:

So, until new Conservative leader Tim Hudak says something blandly offensive (nine hours?), I'll be off watching Captain Jack Harkness and his boy Ianto Jones save the world.  See you tomorrow!