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It’s not even Halloween…

…yet I couldn't be more creeped out by —

— the story on Salon about the American "Christian mafia" known only as "The Family."

the Tories' talking points on their cancellation of funding for Montreal's Diver/Cité fest — they make less sense than a Sarah Palin speech!

— Jesus' General exposing the furry, manly underbelly of Mormon homoeroticism:


— the wave of media stories about the death of the Taco Bell Chihuahua. Hey, I love dogs too but you'd think this one recorded albums with Quincy Jones.

— the revelations about Jack Harkness' past in last night's episode of 'Torchwood' on Space that have upended his relationship with Ianto Jones — fortunately, the three lead actors are still as chummy as ever, judging from the DVD signing in London this week:

Tonight's episode is the most disturbing yet as "The 456" reveal their gruesome secret. Check it out — if only to distract yourself from the terror of "the Family":