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It’s official: GSAs are a thing!

Thanks to provisions to Bill 13 today, GSAs (in name) are finally protected by provincial legislation. To which I say: fuck, FINALLY. Jesus Christ, corpses move faster than this.

Look, I understand that people are allowed to believe whatever they want to, but can we all just admit that this shouldn’t have even been an argument to begin with? I mean
. . . holy shit, this is why you’re not supposed to enter battery-eating contests before debating legislature. It’s fantastic if you believe something you’ve read in a book — or more accurately, something that you heard about that is vaguely paraphrased from a book — but what you believe is not as important as — or more important than — things we know for certain.

What we know for certain is that kids who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender are more likely to be bullied and more likely to commit suicide. What we know is that it is WAY more important to keep kids from killing themselves than it is for you to argue semantics. And what we know is that being LGBT is not a choice, but unfortunately for you, your mother’s decision to drink through her pregnancy was.

So yes, kids can now not only form, but call their groups, gay-straight alliances. And if the idea of kids coming together to acknowledge their differences — without letting themselves be divided because of them — shatters your Christian worldview, you have failed at your religion.

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