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It’s official: showdown at city hall over Pride funding

After Giorgio Mammoliti made headlines by threatening to remove City of Toronto funding from Pride Toronto, he has introduced a motion to that affect. It reads, in part:

The City of Toronto's 2010 funding and support will be revoked if Pride Toronto does not invoke the City of Toronto's anti-discriminating [sic] policies and if Queers Against Israel Apartheid [sic] participates in this year's Pride Parade.

Never mind that Pride Toronto already requires parade participants to sign onto the anti-discrimination policy. 

“I’m a mayoral candidate and as a mayoral candidate, I need to be stepping up to the plate and giving my views,” Mammoliti told Xtra. As his anti-gay past makes clear, he's never been shy about giving his views about our communities.

Read the full text of his motion (with its hat-tip to Martin Gladstone's agitprop documentary) here.


photo CC Road Dog, courtesy of Flickr


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