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It’s Pride Week here in Van…video from the Celebration of Light…how hetero is your Twitter account?

Today marks the official start of Pride Week here in Vancouver. The countdown is on. If you haven't got one already, get your hands on Xtra West's Pride Guide. I'm currently finding the online web domain for the guide and will include it in tomorrow's posting. There's a section outlining my top 8 picks for Pride…so if you're at a loss of what to do over the next week, it will give you some ideas.

Fireworks on Saturday. WOW! South Africa really upped the ante in my mind. I managed to video the closing finale. Those mid-sky white ones at the very end…I've never seen anything like them before. I have to say: with the lightning going off in the backgroud, that was a once-in-a-lifetime fireworks show. Incredible. Hope you didn't miss out.

Stockholm Pride included a pretty clever promotional tool on their website. Click here to see what it`s all about. My Twitter account ( resulted in the following…and really, the result speaks for itself:
1% Heteroseanhorlor is 1% HeteroHow hetero are you? How hetero is Martha Stewart? Try out any Twitter name and get the real picture. Are we really the words we use? Hope to see you at Stockholm Pride!