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It’s sorta official: Gay atheist is the smartest Canadian

A Halifax gay man won the CBC’s Test the Nation competition last night.

Hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos and Carole MacNeil, the trivia show pitted six in-studio teams against each other in a battle of brainpower.

Gay atheist activist Kevin Kindred was declared the smartest in-studio individual with an IQ of 140. His team, a group of atheists, placed third overall, behind the nerds and politicians.
Kindred is a past-chair of the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project.

But the best part of last night’s show? The team of religious believers and contact-sport athletes (brain injuries, anyone?) tied for fourth place. 


Kindred won a 52” LCD TV and bragging rights. 

Did you miss it? Watch the show on CBC.ca. Kindred is declared the smartest individual around the 90-minute mark.

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