Toronto Diary
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It’s Still All Bad News

Bad news for our neighbours in Steeltown, as US Steel Canada announces plans to close its mills in Hamilton. But where will Canada’s gay steelworkers go?

It’s tempting to think they may end up in the arts, since The Star has been tripping over itself to play up a supposed exodus of artists down the QEW, but today also saw the cancellation of this year’s Canadian Film Fest, thanks to — you guessed it — the souring economy.

But it’s not all parties being cancelled in today’s Toronto diary. If you happen to be a student at one of Toronto’s post-secondary institutions, why don’t you take a break from your studies Thursday night, and enjoy the First Annual Hawt Spring Break Spa Luau, hosted by LGBTOUT and St. Marc’s Spa? The event says it’s designed to “to dispel the myth of the bathhouse and… firmly establish St. Marc Spa as more than a place of sex.” Sounds like a good mix of awkward and ambitious, which also fairly summarises my college sex life.