Toronto Diary
1 min

It’s the Dyke March photo wall!

If you didn’t make it out to Church street today, here’s the abridged home version: Go-go boys, loud music, good friends peppered here and there in the crowd, more loud music, oh hey a dunk tank, LOUD MUSIC. But there was more to today’s celebrations than just the street fair.

Today was the annual Dyke March, and once again, I decided to celebrate it by putting together a photowall of the occasion. Today’s photowall includes…

– The world’s only travelling boxing match.

– Gushing grannies. (Their words, not mind.)

– Dykes on Bikes; Motored.

– Dykes on Bikes; Non-Motored.

– A picture that was taken literally a second before I took a frisbee straight in the orbital bone because I have no hand-eye coordination.

– And you know what this parade needs? MORE COWBELL.