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Ivan E Coyote: Between Ellen Page and Hulk Hogan

Here are some highlights from CBC Books’ Q&A between Vancouver writer Ivan E Coyote and their (Coyote uses the gender-neutral pronouns “they” and “their”) readers, hot on the heels of the announcement that Arsenal Pulp Press will be publishing Coyote’s Tomboy Survival Guide, their 10th publication with Arsenal, to be released in 2015 or ’16.

Ivan on what they’d be doing if they weren’t a writer: I have always wanted to study architecture. The art of it, for sure, and the mechanics, the design, the machinations of a building, but also the bigger picture. How do you build a building that people can really live in? Make art in? Raise kids in safely? Build community in and around? How does the layout of a particular neighbourhood and its parks and shops and facilities contribute to or hinder the construction and living and movement through and celebration of the community it houses? So I guess maybe a city planner, with a background in architecture? That is my dream. The reality was, before I made a living as a writer, I worked as an electrician, and then in the film industry. Both fine occupations, as well. If the atmosphere of your average construction site was just a little more friendly to people like me, who knows? Maybe I would still be happily pulling wire somewhere. I always did like the actual work.

On writing bribes: I bribe myself with fresh air. Parties. Band practice. Playing the saxophone. Sex. Weed. Bourbon. The good stuff. The beach. A paycheque. Feeding myself. Paying the mortgage. You know. All the usual motivators we all bribe ourselves with to get to work each day.

On who would play them in a biopic: This one is easy. Ellen Page. She would have to put on a little weight and cut her hair. Maybe lift some weights, not to brag, but she’s pretty slight. But a great actor. Either Ellen Page or maybe Hulk Hogan? And Lana Wachowski, working with Tom Waits though, not her brother. Yeah. That’d be good.

Check out the full interview here