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I’ve got the moves, baby, you’ve got the . . .

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have announced that the United States will fight for gay rights against nations that criminalize, abuse or neglect their homosexual citizens. In her speech, Clinton said, “Some have suggested that gay rights and human rights are separate and distinct, but in fact they are one and the same."

That’s all good and lovely, but what about the crime, abuse and neglect against homosexuality in your own country? Love doesn’t start outside of yourself. It starts in your heart. In your home. Your community. Your city. Your state. Your country. And then, only then, can you hope your love will spread across the rest of the world.

The US is no example or blueprint. The American government’s lack of respect for its own gay citizens is embarrassing, backward and so fucking last season I would vomit if moobs weren’t totally in right now.

Certainly Clinton’s speech was powerful. This is a step in the right direction. But how can you show someone the moves if you don’t have the motion?

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