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Jabs and pokes bondage-themed gay porn is almost sweet

The gloves come off as Sebastian Keys dominates a tied-up Will Swagger in Credit:

Will Swagger looks uncomfortable from the beginning — but who can blame him? The mature brunette’s arms are tied behind his back and to the ceiling, his muscular thighs are roped to his ankles, and he kneels precariously on a vinyl-padded box three feet square. He’s in trouble.

He struggles in vain before blond Sebastian Keys arrives wearing boxing gloves. The younger, leaner Keys begins with some light body-work. He rubs the thick leather gloves around Swagger’s torso, with intermittent taps, jabs and punches.

Keys strokes his partner’s black jock, before laying a series of soft punches on his tense abs. He licks his nipple one moment, then strikes it the next. He turns him around and punches, with increasing power, the largest muscle in the human body. Swagger’s ass reddens.

Shortly the gloves come off and Keys uses his god-given dexterity to get Swagger hard and keep him that way, all while Swagger is still roped to the ceiling. He shares the oral responsibility by jumping to his feet and stuffing himself in Swagger’s face. Swagger doesn’t seem to mind. This continues for the rest of the scene.

The second half again opens on Swagger harnessed to the ceiling above. This time, however, he’s bound by his right foot. Upside down now, he’s in even more trouble.

Keys arrives in the same assless red underwear from the previous scene, but without boxing gloves. His smirk is telling. No one ought to be surprised that he begins by sucking and biting his partner’s nipples before shoving his package in Swagger’s face.

The couple lick and bite at fabric. They suck and bite on skin. By the time they start fucking, Swagger wants it so badly that he looks disturbed. Keys satiates Swagger’s desire for a hard fucking by fucking him hard, all while Swagger’s foot is tied four feet above his head.

The dynamic of the younger top force-feeding the older man’s desire to be dominated is what makes this scene so impressive. Bound Jocks’ compulsion for producing bondage-themed porn is understandable given that they’re so good at it. The scenes are uniformly clean and well shot.

What surprises me is that although this is a bondage-themed site, and Swagger was certainly bound for the duration, the sex was remarkably passionate, some might even say romantic.