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Jackpot: The ’90s gay coming-of-age film made in 2013

Writer/director Adam Baran’s short film Jackpot is set in 1994 and follows 14-year-old Jack Hoffman as he hunts for a jackpot of gay porn in a pre-internet world while trying to evade bullies.

"I really made the film because I loved teen movies and never really saw one for gay kids that both addressed their sexuality in the way that straight movies like Weird Science or American Pie or Superbad did and let them get what they want,” Baran says of the film, which won Best Short at the 2013 Miami Gay and Lesbian Festival. “Jack in my film learns that he has to fight back for what he wants, even if it means he has to take a couple of licks. I think that’s a resonant message for gay kids everywhere."

Baran is currently seeking funding in hopes of expanding the short into a feature-length film.

Check out Jackpot: