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Jake the dog and Finn the hunk

It’s Adventure Time!

Armed with his adventure and grass swords, our hunky hero sets out with his shape-shifting canine companion. What time is it?

Adventure time!

Cosplayer extraordinaire Michael Hamm’s recent collaboration with illustrator James Neish and photographer Shaun Simpson has queer nerds everywhere hoping the Ice King will kidnap us so Hamm the human can come to our rescue.

For fans of the surreal Nickelodeon cartoon Adventure Time, there’s (fortunately) no shortage of hunky Finn cosplayers. For example, you have a bearded, hunky Finn; twinky, bare-chested Finn; gay-bar go-go-boy Finn; hipster daywear Finn or adorable gender-swap Finn (Fionna). Clearly, the possibilities are endless.

I’m a big fan of awesome cosplayers. Any dedicated cosplayer creates a work of art, but Hamm’s collaboration with Neish and Simpson takes it to the next level, including an illustrated Jake the dog along with amazing costuming and photography.

Each of the guys involved, all based in Halifax, are amazing artists in their own right, so be sure to check them all out. Especially if you’re a huge nerd, which — I feel like I can probably say with some authority — these guys definitely are.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of cosplay, you can check out some of my earlier blogs about the gayer aspects of “costume-play” and also enjoy the (drool-worthy) efforts of a Toronto-based cosplayer