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Jamaica, Germanwings and the Semenette

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Meet the Semenette

Is a turkey baster not romantic enough for the conception of your child? You can now buy a specialized sex toy, the Semenette, from which you can pump collected semen into the womb of your choice. The makers of the toy say they want to help lesbians conceive in a more personal and fun way.

Jamaican PM challenged by gay rights protesters

Speaking at a conference on the Jamaican diaspora in New York, Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller was interrupted by gay rights protesters who called on her to prevent violence against gay people at home. Miller argued with protesters from the podium, saying, “Nobody never hears the government of Jamaica beating up gays; not one.” Jamaica has recently seen numerous violent attacks against gay people, many of which have been ignored by police.

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Kramer reviewed

At the New York Times, book critic Dwight Garner reviews legendary AIDS activist Larry Kramer’s novel, The American People, Volume 1: Search for My Heart. The book — which intertwines American history and gay cultural mythology — is a grand project, but not a great work of literature, Garner says.

Gay rumours swirl around Germanwings pilot

Among the many theories of why Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed his plane into the Alps, sexual orientation has raised its thorny head. The theory is based on a possibly flirtatious message sent by a male friend, and a nickname of Lubitz’s that could have been a gay reference. Lubitz had a girlfriend until shortly before the crash, however, and there is no solid evidence he was gay.

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Alan Cumming on bisexuality

An actor is married to a woman for eight years. Then he marries a man. What does that make him? Not necessarily gay, says Alan Cumming. In an interview with the Advocate, the Good Wife actor talks about how bisexuals are easily glossed over by the media.