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Jamaica: ‘Love March’ protesters condemn homosexuality

BY DANIELA COSTA – Extremists demanded Jamaica uphold its anti-sodomy law in an anti-gay “Love March” on the streets of Kingston Sept 15. Protesters likened homosexuality to bestiality.

Gay Star News reports that while organizers claimed the event was a call for sexual purity in Jamaica, the main purpose of the march was “to attack homosexuality.”

To conceal this, organizers took to Facebook to tell marchers not to make the event look like it was a protest against homosexuality.

During the march, organizers claimed they loved queer people while at the same time describing homosexuality as “poisonous.”

The march featured preaching sessions, prayers and placards condemning sexual deviancy in Jamaica.

One sermon discussed the “dangers of gay sex that spreads HIV.” Marchers were told that Jamaica’s HIV prevalence rate among gays is 32 percent and that 25 percent of gay men also sleep with women.

Following these statements, an unidentified woman defended the anti-sodomy law, saying it makes society “healthy.” Homosexuality was compared to “man-on-dog sex.”

As the protest neared Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller’s official residence, chants of “Keep the buggery law,” were heard. Simpson-Miller has revealed plans to review Jamaica’s colonial-era legislation that criminalizes homosexuality.

Protesters also marched to some of Kingston’s gay venues. There, supporters were called on to “tear down the enemy.”

Anti-Gay Fact Check, a blog that fights anti-gay religious extremism, claims fewer than 100 people took part in the march.

Landing image: Anti-Gay Fact Check

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