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Jamaican sodomy, 911 calls and an embezzling priest

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Lawyer challenges Jamaican sodomy law

A year ago, a Jamaican lawyer’s client withdrew his challenge to the country’s sodomy law after facing death threats. Now, the lawyer himself is taking his client’s place, taking the law to the supreme court. Maurice Tomlinson is no stranger to discrimination himself; he received death threats after a newspaper published photos of his wedding to his Canadian husband.

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Uneasy truce in Chicago trans student case

The US federal government has come to a second shaky agreement with a Chicago school district over whether a trans girl can change in the locker room of her choice. An earlier agreement broke down acrimoniously over whether the girl had to change behind privacy curtains, and whether the settlement applied to the whole school district. The trans girl has now agreed to change behind curtains, but it’s unclear what will happen for other students in the future.

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New York priest accused of embezzling money for boyfriend

A priest from the Bronx is named in a lawsuit accusing him of stealing $1 million to spend partying with his secret boyfriend. In a characteristically tawdry story, the New York Daily News says the priest used his ill-gotten money to score drugs and pursue a “wild S&M romance.”

Hotel manager calls 911 on women for being trans and black

In a bizarre 911 call, an Iowa hotel manager called police because two trans women checked out a room. The manager told the dispatcher she was concerned the women were “hookers.” The ACLU is now filing a suit on behalf of the two women for discrimination.

Foundations grant $20 million to trans activism

Two US foundations, NoVo and Arcus, have pledged a total of $20 million to trans activism over the next five years. The money will go to groups that specifically target trans issues, or are led by trans people.

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