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James Franco, bisexual growth and a Spanish gay Jesus

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Spanish gay Jesus banned from Easter parade

After 20 years performing in Easter parades, a man from Valencia has been banned from playing his role as Jesus. While the official reason for his ejection is that he “lacked decorum” due to his revealing robes and flamboyant manner, Spanish gay commenters say it is due to his sexuality.

CDC Report: Bisexual population growing

A new study from the American Centers for Disease Control based on 2011–2013 data shows that a larger proportion of the population is identifying as bisexual, and more than 10 percent of straight women had had same-sex sexual contact.

North Carolina discrimination fight heats up

After the North Carolina state government passed a law nullifying local anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT people, backlash has poured in, from the ACLU threatening a lawsuit to corporations threatening to pull their business, to the mayor of San Francisco banning official trips to the state. For a rundown of what the new law means, read more at Chapelboro.

James Franco’s gay evolution

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, actor and director James Franco reveals a little more of his evolving gay side. Franco has coyly expanded and re-explained his gay identity over time, painting as sexual identity, artistic obsession, experiment or something in between.

Garth Greenwell on parks, cruising, and literature

At the Guardian, Alex Clark interviews novelist Garth Greenwell on why he’s proud to be called a gay writer, how to write about cruising, and his new novel What Belongs to You.