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James Franco comes on Batman, because — art!

What exactly do you call it when a guy gets horny, puts on some leather, ejaculates on a Batman cowl, then posts it on the internet? Well, James Franco calls it “art,” but personally, I call that “a Thursday night when The Daily Show is in reruns."

[James Franco / Instagram]

In a pair of posts on his Instagram account, Franco uploaded pictures of himself in a leather harness complete with a Batman logo, then followed it up with an image of him wearing a Batman cowl with what appears to be cum all over it. The photos were labelled “50 Shades of Batman and Robin."

Whether it’s his cum or someone else’s is . . . still up for debate, shall we say.

Is it really art though? Sure, putting together a Batman-themed scene sounds hot and fun and all that, but really? Art? I thought we agreed that art was defined as “paintings of horses."

Either way, I’m not about to complain. When famous men hand you jizz-covered Batmen, you do not just look that gift horse in the mouth.