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Jane Lynch likes dudes (sometimes)

This headline is somewhat misleading. Emmy-winning Glee star Jane Lynch, 52, reportedly told Glamour there are times when she finds certain men attractive.

"Let’s get one thing out there right away,” Lynch said. “I have crushes on guys all the time. I’m gay, but I’m not immune to the male charm. Russell Brand would be. . . [fun]. I kissed him full on the lips on Jay Leno’s show . . . Of course he’s out of his mind, but I think that might make things quite fun."

Brand is far from my type. I find him quite unattractive and annoying, but this does ring true for many queers. Just because you identify as gay doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the beauty of a member of the opposite sex. A personal example would be the stunning actor Erica Leerhsen.

Many gossip rags are running with the headline “Jane Lynch is straight.” I’m certain her wife, Lara Embry, would disagree.

Jane Lynch as Constance Carmel on Party Down.

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