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Jane Lynch talks coming out

Jane Lynch is seriously hilarious as Sue Sylvester on Glee, and since her character isn’t afraid of anything (except maybe Mr Schuester’s hair), it’s hard to imagine that the woman who plays her was so uncomfortable telling her parents she is gay, she waited until she was 32 years old!

In an appearance on Chelsea Lately to promote her new book, Happy Accidents, Lynch told the talk-show host she was “distanced from her parents, and I felt very, very separated from them.” She shared these feelings with a therapist who convinced her to write her mom and dad a coming-out letter that she didn’t have to send. “So I wrote them a letter pouring my heart out.” The catch? “They give you a stamp and an envelope after you write it!”

Thankfully, her parents were accepting. “They were great,” she said. “They really embraced me.” But, she mused, “their reaction might’ve been different if I was 18. They had heard of gay people by this point!”  

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