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Jane Rule on censorship and sexuality

Highlights from the film Fiction and Other Truths

Below are highlights from a 1994 documentary about Jane Rule, titled Fiction and Other Truths. Directed by Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman, produced by Rina Fraticelli. Clips are used with kind permission.

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Rule speaks about censorship, following the bombing of Little Sisters bookstore in Vancouver. The store was fighting Canada Border Services Agency over censorship at the border.
Runs 1:30

Children’s sexuality

Rule speaks about the need for children to learn about sexuality and relationships, and how they work.
Runs 2:12


Upon receiving an honourary degree from UBC in 1994

Rule speaks about minorities and personal values.
Runs 2:46


Sexuality and society

Rule speaks about the roots of homophobia.
Runs 1:26