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Janet Jackson to exec-produce documentary about being trans

Ms Jackson is set to executive produce an upcoming documentary about transgender lives called Truth. She released a statement about the film, saying:

"All people are very important to me. I've been fortunate to make friends and learn about very different lives. Truth is our small chance to ask that you try and understand someone who lives their life in a way that is a little bit different from yours, even though all our hearts are the same. We want to stop the hate and find understanding."

I saw Janet live last year at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, and I was surprised how few gays were there. Janet has been an advocate for the LGBT community since her 1995 groundbreaking album The Velvet Rope, which touched on homophobia and earned her a GLAAD Media Award. She has also been recognized for her involvement in raising funds for AIDS charities. 

Her support of the gay community is so strong that after she recorded a duet, "Feel It Boy," with Beenie Man, she expressed regret over the collaboration because she wasn't aware of the homophobic lyrics in many of Beenie Man's songs. She issued an apology to The Voice, saying that she never would have worked with him had she known.

Truth is set to commence filming this summer.