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Japanese funerals, blog posts and referees

Japanese man sues over inheritance and funeral

A Japanese man is suing his late partner’s sister for inheritance money, as well as damages for barring him from the man’s funeral. In Japan, where same-sex marriage is not permitted, only married couples are protected by the law. [The Mainichi]

Thailand to consider same-sex partnerships

The Thai government is drafting a law that would allow “registered life partnerships” for same sex couples, a move that is seen by some campaigners as a step towards full marriage equality. [The Nation]

The gay referee

Andrea Barone is a referee on his way to the highest rungs of professional hockey; but will the game he loves ever accept him as a gay man? [The New York Times]

MSNBC host accused of homophobic blog posts

After homophobic blog posts surfaced on MSNBC host Joy Reid’s website, Reid claimed she was hacked. The evidence is less clear. [The New York Times]

How the media calls trans people gay

At BuzzFeed, gay reporter Dominic Holden argues that media outlets, including the New York Times, have to stop calling all LGBT people, including trans people, “gay.”