Jason Kenney
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Jason Kenney – above the rule of law

Continuing the theme of government undermining parliamentary democracy, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney refuses to apologize for abusing process to keep Tamil migrants in detention despite repeated court orders for their release. That’s right – Jason Kenney thinks he’s above the rule of law. But hey, he can use the words “national security” to justify his actions even though the IRB and the courts have determined that these individuals pose no threat to the country. That leaves us with a government that consistently refuses to adhere to the rule of law, and Canadians don’t seem to care.

Liberal international trade critic Martha Hall Findlay met with reporters in Ottawa yesterday morning to outline her concerns with the proposed perimeter security agreement. She feels that the agreement won’t solve any trade problems and that we may wind up with a bunch of new taxes.

Laura Payton looks at the use of the autopen in a minister’s office; Bev Oda has previously hinted that the autopen signed the infamous Kairos memo.

Speaking of Oda, Diane Finley’s department is looking to avoid any future instances of “not” being scrawled on memos; they are adjusting their departmental memo templates to include an “I do not approve” signature line.

And Susan Delacourt finds parallels between the American conservative movement and the Canadian Conservative government as she reads Tom Frank’s The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule. Their particular brand of insanity could never happen here…
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