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Jayne County: ‘The oppressed have become the oppressors’

Trans icon Jayne County was banned from Facebook for 24 hours for sharing a “transphobic” post.

“I am having a party tonight and all my breeder, fag, dyke, tranny and shemale friends are invited,” County wrote.

After being banned, County returned to Facebook with a vengeance. 

“I cannot support Trans Activists suppression of free speech,” she wrote. “Even threatening newspapers not to print alternative viewpoints! I have read about such things happening in Nazi Germany in the 30s but never would I have ever dreamed that it would come from ‘my own’ people! The right to take away another human beings rights! What a sad day this is for the poor LGBT Community.”

“People be careful,” County continued in another post. “They just removed a comment on one of my postings that a friend made! He is also now blocked from making comments! We and free speech are under attack!! Big Sister is watching you! Anyone who disagrees is in danger of having their first amendment rights of free speech taken away!!! Burning books and banning words lead to enslavement! The oppressed have become the oppressors! Animal Farm has exploded!!! We are all in danger!!!”

County’s posts follow the recent controversy over RuPauls Drag Race’s “she-mail” and the intensifying pressure from some trans activists to censor our language and conform to “politically correct” labels . . .

Apparently, I’m now supposed to be called a “cisgender gay male,” but I’d prefer it if everyone just continued to call me a faggot, especially while we’re having sex. Thanks.