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Jealous, much?

Be warned:  the internet will blow up tonight at 11pm EST when the final two-hour episode of "Battlestar Galactica" ends, having no doubt thrilled and/or angered its legion of fans.  But BSG writer Jane Espenson (also pulling double-duty on the creepy-sexy "Dollhouse") reminds us that there's still more to come and the show's sci-fi/soap-opera/prequel spin-off "Caprica" will also include gay characters. Hopefully the next series will capture both the brilliant heights of BSG and its gratuitous use of actors in towels:

I'm less excited about the new movie "I Love You, Man" — despite my obvious interest in its costars — because I'm just tired of this giggly high-school "bromance" meme but The Globe and Mail's RM Vaughn got to ask the guys all the tough questions.

Oh, to have his job.  Or that of Rachel Maddow, who's obviously delighted at Barack Obama's latest Bush-repair-job:

But jealousy is a terrible thing and I've got RuPaul to call me out on it in her latest — and most NSFW Japaninsane — video:

Now boogie into your weekend!