Toronto Diary
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Jeff Ross roasts the Westboro Baptist Church

For years, the LGBT community has been doing our part to wage war against the Westboro Baptist Church, while the mainstream more or less wrote them off as an annoying freak show. Well, thankfully, more and more people are joining together to convince the American government to categorize them as an official hate group, to which we say: welcome to the club! Here’s a pamphlet. VIP members get towel service and a happy ending.

Well, to really stick it to them, Comedy Central’s Roast Master General and host of The Burn, Jeff Ross, drove down to the WBC’s headquarters and proceeded to roast them straight to their faces. The video is hilarious and should totally be watched if only to see two of their members standing around, completely confused, with absolutely no idea how these things called “jokes” or “laughter” are supposed to work.

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