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Jennifer Lopez luhs ya, papi

Singer releases spicy video for her new single

The new Jennifer Lopez video is filled with eye-candy. Vevo

Hot off the video presses comes the clip for Jennifer Lopez’s “I Luh Ya Papi,” the newest single from her 10th studio album. The video is posted above and is a must-watch, but let’s count down the five greatest moments:

1) Let’s just grab the low-hanging fruit — no, not those low-hanging fruits, but man oh man are they everywhere. This video is rife with hot guys. Not just cute-for-the-mall hot; these are beautiful men wearing next to nothing, writhing around and being all-around gorgeous. And those booties

2) The only fully clothed man. For a studio executive who is pitching ideas about carnivals and zoos (a zoo would have been a great idea, though), he seems awfully dismayed about a video featuring naked male flesh. Just some food for thought.

3) The importance of enunciation. You’re right, studio man: it does sound like the chorus says, “I love you puppy, I love ya love ya love ya puppy.” There needs to have been at least one puppy in this video, but alas, no video can be perfect.

4) This girl. There’s no way of telling if she was acting as a rogue agent or if there was a beleaguered PA in the background yelling, “Okay, nameless entourage girl, I want you to pull those man-panties down and then sing into his penis! Really sing into it — give it your all!” Either way, amazing.

5) JLo’s overall styling. From those nails to that gold crotch zipper (this picture also proves that just because you’re hot doesn't mean you can dance; looking at you, man on the left), she is looking fresh. Good for you, Jenny. Good for you.

Really though, did you see all these other hot guys? Jesus.