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Jer’s Vision celebrates diversity, the day of pink and five years

MPs, community leaders, allies and queers attend the reception

April 14th marked the day of pink &mdash a protest against bullying, discrimination, and homophobia. It is also the day that Jer’s Vision celebrated its fifth anniversary of working with youth to celebrate and promote diversity.

The organization hosted a reception at the Exchange restaurant on Rideau Street and as guests arrived the colour pink infiltrated the room — from pink shirts to pink shoes and pink hair.

The reception was short and packed with entertainment and speeches. Awards for supporters of youth initiatives were given to Grandfather William Commanda — the hereditary Chief of the Algonquins, Liberal MP Hedy Fry and the Arnprior District High School GSA, the largest rural GSA in Ontario.

Fry, MP for Vancouver Centre, has been a queer ally and activist — successfully pushing for same sex marriage and the amendment to the Human Rights Act.

In accepting her award Fry stated that she was only prepared to run as an MP if the Human Rights Act was amended to end discrimination.

“That was the beginning of equal rights for gay and lesbian and transgendered persons,” says Fry. “So today you are just like everyone else — you are Canadians in every single way.”