Toronto Diary
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Joan Rivers is sooooooooo high right now, you guys

Joan Rivers is a fucking legend. She paved the way for female comedians and is responsible for clearing the path for such talented women as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Sarah Silverman. Alternately, she’s also responsible for Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler, sooooooo . . . yeah. Next time you see a book where a female comedian writes about her vagina in a 100-point font for a couple hundred pages, that’s on Joan’s head.

That being said, Rivers is to this day one bad-ass bitch, as exemplified by this clip that’s been circulating the web in which Rivers blazes on her new TV show. How many comedians do you know who would go on TV and toke up just because they could? Joan Rivers doesn’t give a fuck. Joan Rivers is the human honey badger. She will bite your head off just because she can. God bless you, Joan Rivers.

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