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John Baird criticized by conservative women’s group over gay rights defence

A few days ago, Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird publicly criticized Russia's anti-gay laws, calling out the government for inciting intolerance and saying he was "deeply concerned" about the legislation.

Considering how harsh the bill is, and how it seems to be helping to incite fatal gaybashings, that's a pretty fair assessment. Unfortunately, according to the Toronto Star, conservative women's group REAL Women of Canada has criticized Baird's comments, saying that they go against Canadian values. I'm not sure which version of Canada they happen to live in, but okay then.

“It really is offensive,” [REAL Women vice-president Gwyneth] Landolt said Wednesday. “The issue is really why is he interfering in a sovereign country’s legislation? He really has no business to do that.

“I don’t want other countries to get what we have here where people’s religious values and traditional values are being pushed aside and giving homosexuals priority,” she said.

“According to Mr. Baird it’s a protection of human rights but it’s not universally accepted. It’s not a Canadian value,” she said.

First off, I just adore how you put the descriptor REAL right in front of your organization's name. It truly legitimizes it. Sort of like how Sarah Palin claimed there was a REAL America, or how anything with cocoa fat is REAL chocolate. Claiming something is REAL isn't hilariously misguided and suspicious at all!

The odd thing is that if these REAL Canadians actually knew anything about Canada, they'd know that we've had gay marriage for years and that the country generally views LGBT people as human beings deserving of the same rights and privileges as everyone else. Which, if you haven't noticed, is the exact opposite of enacting legislation that makes any pro-gay sentiments a punishable offence.

So, REAL people, I'm calling your bluff: please tell me everything you know about Canada. I'm legitimately fascinated by your REALness and your ability to find Canada on a map. Because if you have to tell everyone you're REAL, there might be a reason why certain people doubt that.