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John McCain: war hero…maverick…insane drama queen

"We'll have something to talk about," teases a McCain campaign spokesperson, hinting at some game-changing revelation later today. Please. What, is McCain suspending his campaign again? One can only hope. For a man aiming at such a tough guy image, McCain really is a complete drama queen and, judging from his insane slip of the tongue yesterday, an unstable one. A new profile in 'Rolling Stone' has the whole sad story.

You know McCain's in trouble when he loses the country singers: while mentioning the 'True Blood' series yesterday, I forgot to salute "Bad Things," the show's sexy, twangy theme song by Jace Everett. On his blog, Everett writes, "I grew up an evangelical Christian in Grapevine, Texas…I was taught that Republicans were the party of Christianity in America; pro-life, anti-gay, low on taxes, pro small business, etc. As I got older, I realized that was mostly bullshit."

Being anti-gay, Everett continues, is "kind of like being anti-gravity. I mean, go nuts hoss, if you can fly I want to watch. But until all us breeders can learn to have a 0% divorce rate, maybe we should shut the fuck up. Don't get me wrong, I can't sit through 'Brokeback Mountain', but that's MY problem, not somebody else's." Cheers, Jace — finally, a redneck we can all be proud of!

Speaking of rednecks, Stephen Harper tried to redeem himself (ie. prop up his flailing election campaign) by dropping the clause in Bill C-10 that would allow the government to deny tax credits to films deemed "immoral." We cheered for about twenty seconds before he next vowed to reintroduce the copyright reform legislation that could fine or jail you for copying your CDs to your iPod. Law professor Michael Geist has solid, reliable information and ideas proving that Harper is a complete jackass.

There are two things I'm sure of: comedian Wanda Sykes is fabulous and the teenage "That's so gay" line is like nails on a blackboard. Thankfully, the advocacy group GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network) agrees with me on both:

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman are back together! But which one gets to fuck Matt Damon?

I'm old enough to remember the infamous censored gay kiss from 'Melrose Place' but I've noticed, leafing through the TV listings, there's a whole wave of male couples on soap operas now:
Luke and Noah on 'As the World Turns'
Kevin and Scotty on 'Brothers & Sisters'
Kyle and Eric on 'General Hosptial: Night Shift'
John Paul and Craig on the UK's 'Hollyoaks'
Christian and Oliver on Germany's 'Verbotene Liebe'
These storylines are mostly too brief, chaste or stereotypical but hey, it's great to have something to do my ironing to!

And finally, designer Matthew Inman's 'Eight Phases of Dating' is a complete scream: