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John Travolta and the renegade gay

I don't care if Doug Gotterba is telling the truth about getting it on with John Travolta while he was his pilot. I don't really care to think of John Travolta having sex, with men or women. This isn't 1978! What I will say is that it's in the poorest of taste to not only kiss and tell, but to kiss and tell to The Enquirer. If you're going to broadcast your adultery, at least have some class and dish it to Barbara Walters.

Right, Monica?

I have had sex with many a "straight" man, and let me tell you something, no self-respecting whore would involve the wife or children! That's just tacky . . . But most of all, it's disrespectful. People have a right to privacy, even if in private moments they're deceitful. If John Travolta and Doug Gotterba want to have their own mile-high club, that's their business. But if you get involved with a man who has a family, you have to be conscientious of the fact that there aren't just two people in the relationship. You're dating the wife and the snotty-nosed little brats, too! What you do affects them and can be embarrassing, hurtful and emotionally damaging. Travolta and Kelly Preston have two children together — Ella Bleu, who is 12, and Hunter Kaleo, who will be two years old in November — and Gotterba is exploiting them as much as their parents. 

Gotterba claims that during their relationship the co-pilots went on exotic trips, even visiting Travolta's family. He describes how he told Travolta, who wanted to film a sex tape, that he was "oversexed" and "wanted it too much." He also claims to have asked Travolta, after his wedding to Preston, if he prefers men or women. "I still prefer men," was his alleged response.

Once he was done selling out his former lover (assuming they were lovers outside of Gotterba's mind), he had the audacity to tell The Enquirer, "I feel bad for Kelly. She's obviously in the middle of it." 

Yes, obviously. Because you put her there! Gotterba is either a scorned lover or a delusional creep. Either way, he's scaring away all the "straight" guys for the rest of us. "I'll never tell" happens to be my signature pick-up line.

And I, for one, mean it.