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Join the pop cult

Two queer English artists display their pop culture works

My guess is that most of the people I know, myself included, could sound off a dozen Mean Girls quotes verbatim before they could point out Uganda on a map.

In a reality seemingly dreamed up in a Warholian fantasy, pop culture has come to define us. For many queer people, especially, we first recognized or defined our desires and behaviours as they were acted out on the screen; from the ditzy, campy fun of impossible blondes to the bromances and male-only adventures of cinema, we experience and reimagine pop culture in our lives, and our lives through pop culture.

English artists Sina Sparrow and Kev Clarke will be displaying a number of the works around pop culture, titled Queer Camp Cult, at a London gallery all through June.

Sparrow, his work pictured above, a favourite artist of mine, has been creating diary comics and other pop-culture works on top of creating a handful of awesome comics. This includes a number of movie stills or moments turned into works of art.

Clark creates art around pop culture, including selling a number of his creations on his online store, The Face of Pop.

Even though they’ll be displaying their artwork at the Hackney Picturehouse in London, thanks to the magic of the internet, we Canucks can get our fix of queer pop culture. So fetch!