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Judge Dredd is going leather daddy

Remember Judge Dredd? The burly, overly-muscled superhero that was essentially everything about the 80’s crammed into one impossibly square-jawed violence machine? And then they tried to do a reboot movie last year and no one went to see it, because nothing could live up to The Avengers?

Well, he’s going gay.

But not really.

Turns out, in a new story called “The Closet,” Judge Dredd will go undercover in a gay bar that fetishizes him as a gay sex icon. Turns out, some people get off on muscular, leather-clad daddies who liberally dole out punishment. And by some people, I mean me. *Sploosh*

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, writer Rob Williams — recently spotlighted here at CA as one of the writers of 2000 AD’s “Trifecta” crossover — described the story as focusing on Taylor, a teenager in Mega City One whose father doesn’t take well to his son’s homosexuality:

A brutal act takes place, Taylor’s father disappears and suddenly this kid is all alone in a world that seems to be firmly telling him to keep who he is hidden so no one gets hurt. Then he finds himself in a Dredd-themed underground gay club, where everyone dresses either as Dredd or as a perp, Dredd being the ultimate symbol of macho, leather-clad repression in this city. It’s kind of a Village People deal turned up to 100 in a Mega-City One style. And then the real Dredd arrives. [SOURCE]

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what something like this might look like:

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my bunk. Doing things. To my penis. Masturbating things. That is all. 

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