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Just brief me: Jan 4

Montreal singer Lhasa de Sela dies of cancer at 37. RIP. [montreal gazette]

Marc Jacobs and his rumoured husband look hot on the beach, see below. [evil beet]

Lesbian web series is off to its second season. Kate Clinton loves it. [anyone but me]

Some dick homophobe said stupid ish to about Ms Gaga and some other shit about Adam Lambert at Barrymore's Music Hall in Ottawa. She poured her drink on the dickophobe. Needless to say. [show biz spy]

It's been a great!/shitty! decade for gay women! [autostraddle] runs it down.

Feeling lazy? "We procrastinate when we've forgotten who we are."  [vimeo]

Download some health apps! [fit sugar]

"Science" decides there is no g-spot afterall. Except they forgot to ask lesbians and bisexual women. OOPSIE. [times online]

Jeanette Winterson reviews the just out biography about the life of Patricia Highsmith, a weirdo cat lady writer (The Talented Mr Ripley) who was also bisexual. I love her.  [ny times]

Michael Musto's Year in Review: [village voice]

Babysitters' club re-issued. I hope kristy finally comes out. What a closeted tween. [ny times]


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