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Just crowned: Raye Sunshine Empress XXXIX

Credit: Brandon Gaukel

YOU CAN CALL ME: Raye Sunshine. But if we get formal, the newest title I’m known by is the Supermodel Empress XXXIX Raye Sunshine.  

YOU CAN FIND ME: All over the Lower Mainland if you know where to look. Normally I’m all over the Odyssey nightclub like a kid on a Smartie.
MY WEEKENDS: are mostly spent at the gym.
THE LARGEST THING I CAN FIT IN MY MOUTH: We both know that I don’t eat. This gurl lives on Tic Tacs and air.
IF I WERE A MASHUP: I’d be a mix of the Perry Twins’ talent, Robyn Graves’ grooves, Chyna Doll’s arms and Albert Einstein’s brain.
IF I DROPPED MY TOOTHBRUSH IN THE TOILET, I WOULD BE: on my BlackBerry so fast to my PA and she’d grab me a new one. What? Doesn’t everyone have a Personal Assistant?
IN THE NEXT LITTLE WHILE: I’ll be all over the map, from J Lounge to Celebrities for Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model, all the way to Queer Bash at Anza, and right back home to the Odyssey for the Zodiac parties. Just follow my Facebook page or go where the masses go, and pretty sure you’ll find me there.