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Justin Bieber has never looked thinner

Earlier this year, Leon Purvis, a 16-year-old boy from Glassboro, New Jersey, made a creepily endearing YouTube video asking the four-foot-tall fetus/sex god known as Justin Bieber to prom. He clarified, several thousand times, that he wanted Justin to come as a "bro" and vehemently assured, "No! I am not gay."

I really don't know if the kid is gay or straight, and I don't care (at least not as much as he does). After listening to him speak for a few minutes, it's obvious his sexuality is the least of his problems.

At first I thought Justin turned him down because he's a dude asking him to be his date to prom, but after watching these videos I'm going to guess he turned him down because he's a batshit fucking crazy dude asking him to be his date to prom.

Leon's big night was June 2, and he's used the hallowed powers of YouTube to let us all know that if you #BELIEVE anything is possible. Thanks to a life-size Bieber cutout that he probably stole from Walgreens, Leon was able to bring him to prom after all. He wrote: 

"Hey everyone my prom was on Saturday June 2nd. Sadly Justin Bieber did not come to prom with me as a bro so I went with Plan B. Plan B was of me bringing a life-sized cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber to prom as my wingman. That was my entry for prom court and king.
Luckily I made prom court doing that. I was not expecting to get on Prom Court. Also Scooter, Justin Bieber’s manager, is giving me free tickets to the Believe Tour on November 4th!" 

Hopefully, he gets a backstage pass along with the ticket, because Leon could definitely teach Justin some moves: 

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