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Kari Simpson files complaint

Calls on education ministry to promote "sexual re-orientation therapies"

 Conservative radio host Kari Simpson has filed a human rights complaint against the BC education ministry, the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) and education activist Murray Corren for discriminating against “those who suffer from homosexuality and other dysfunctional sexual orientations.”

“Sexual re-orientation therapies have helped thousands of individuals to recover from such dysfunctional orientations,” Simpson says in her complaint.

Students “should not be denied access to effective psychological help for such conditions,” she adds.

In her complaint, Simpson calls for the ministry to provide $20,000 to a seven-member committee, which she will chair, to develop a resource guide that promotes “a scientific and therapeutic understanding” of homosexuality, instead of relying on “gay propaganda.”

A spokesperson for the education ministry says it would be inappropriate to comment on a complaint before the tribunal.

Simpson says BCTF policy “actively” discriminates against BC students by opposing therapies aimed at changing lesbian, gay or bisexual students’ sexual orientation. She calls on the BCTF to rescind the policy.

“I appreciate that there are many people within the gay community that want to deny the assistance that’s gone out to so many,” Simpson tells Xtra West. “But with so many people coming out of the gay lifestyle now and receiving proper help, it’s an issue that has to be dealt with, and one that has to be dealt with factually,” she says.

But “if people are happy being gay, they should go for it,” she adds.

Simpson also wants a public apology from Corren to the “collective student and educational body.”

“There’s been a lot of misinformation that he’s put forward,” she alleges. “It’s time that we started being reasonable, responsible and truthful about the facts associated with homosexuality.”

Simpson would like Corren to pay her $5,000 “on behalf of those discriminated against” to purchase resources for teachers, schools and public libraries that “debunk the myth and propaganda about gender identity confusion.”

Corren declined to comment.