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Kathleen Wynne to march in Pride parade, Rob Ford less likely

The Toronto Pride parade is just a week away, so now's a good time to take roll call on who (not to name names) is going to be spending the weekend at his cabin. Again.

First up, Rob Ford is still pretty noncommittal about the whole thing. Not just about the parade: it turns out, the guy so far doesn't sound like he'll show up to any event at all. Seriously, if you're going to skip out on your city three years running, you better have one hell of a cabin. If his place doesn't have an indoor waterslide, I'm calling bullshit on this.

Asked Friday if he will attend the Pride flag-raising on Monday, or any other events, Ford gave a halting version of past answers that he doesn’t know his future schedule.

“I don’t know — I know what I’m doing tomorrow and I have a (charity) cricket tournament,” Ford said, abruptly ending questions at a news conference about provincial funding. [SOURCE]

Meanwhile, Kathleen Wynne is looking to pick up some of Ford's slack by making an appearance at the festivities. The cool part about that one? Turns out, Wynne is set to be the first sitting premier to march in the parade.

Wynne, who is married to Jane Rounthwaite and has three children and two grandchildren, said attending gay pride activities is an annual event for her.

"Well it's part of summer you know," Wynne told The Canadian Press in an interview.

"Every year I take part in the Pride events. Jane and I go to the Pride and Remembrance run on Saturday morning. I go to the church service, which is always very, very moving, on Sunday morning, and of course I walk in the parade." [SOURCE]

So basically, we can all look forward to another year of people marching down the street in Rob Ford masks while Kathleen Wynne hoses down the crowds with Super Soakers? That's the safe bet. If you want to place your bets as to which contingent she'll be marching with, go nuts. My money's on the leather girls. Kind of a long shot, but could you imagine?