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Katie Pierson’s a lesbian cowgirl – SWOON

Did you know Katie Pierson of the B-52's was a lesbian?  I sure didn't. Here she is dressed up with her partner Monica Coleman.



After seeing her Halloween getup posted on Dlisted, my Nancy Drew ass got to digging. And I found out that she owns a couple of cabins in the Catskill Mountains, in New York. What a perfect fall mini vacay for Quebecers and other lovers! From Montreal, it's a 4-hour drive to Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel in Mount Temper, and 6 – 7 hours from Ottawa/Toronto.


Anyway, I'd be into going just to tip my hat to the lady herself (I WILL BUY A COWBOY HAT FOR THIS PURPOSE). And to spy on the ladies, of course.

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