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Keep “useful provisions” of Uganda’s anti-gay bill: committee

A Ugandan Cabinet committee tasked with amending the proposed anti-gay bill has recommended keeping the bill’s “useful provisions,” reports Uganda’s Daily Monitor.

The committee also recommended ditching the bill’s official name, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, because the title is “stigmatizing.” Really? Call it whatever you want, it’s still an anti-gay bill.   

More from Uganda’s Daily Monitor:

In their recommendations, the committee argued that the title
of the bill, Anti-Homosexuality, is stigmatizing and appears to be
targeting a particular group of people. They therefore want the “useful
provisions of the proposed law” incorporated into the Sexual Offences

The Committee, however, agreed that promotion of
homosexuality should be criminalized. “The law should provide that all
the parties: publishers, printers, distributors of any materials that
promote homosexuality should all be liable to have committed an
offence,” the minutes read in part. (read more at the Daily Monitor

Unacceptable. As you may recall, in March, Canadian MPs not only condemned the anti-gay bill, but they also unanimously called for the full decriminalization of homosexuality in Uganda

It’s unclear when the recommendations will move forward. The Daily Monitor reports that “No minister was willing to disclose when Cabinet would sit to consider the committee’s recommendations.”

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

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