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Kenny Chesney: still not gay

He's the country singer who's been outed more often than Tom Cruise but Kenny Chesney told Playboy magazine just how many women he's slept with: "Man, I was over 100 several years ago…I've got a long line of girls who could testify that I am not gay."

Fine, fine, we believe you.  Now please — finally — GO AWAY.

Another guy we could do without, Bill Clinton nemesis Kenneth Starr is now working on behalf of the anti-gay-marriage people in California. His strategy?  Ignore the gay issue altogether and focus on whether voters can rebel against supreme court decisions.  See, it's all just policy games to guys like him — they don't even care about the real people who want to stay married.

But here's more good reason to love living in Canada: we still have banks!

As a journalist, I'm sensitive to how hard it is to get busy people on the phone for an interview…or at least I was until this National Post reporter's public meltdown. I love how April calls him "dude."

Leading up to their upcoming two-disc greatest hits album, Erasure are back with a "2009 mix" of their very pretty classic "Always."  Damned if I can tell the difference between it and the original though:

And finally, here's something to ponder:  many gay people like cats, many don't; many gay people want to have children someday, many don't.  Depending on wherever you stand, this little girl and her book review probably won't change your opinion:

What would Kenny Chesney say?