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Kentucky lesbian’s jaw broken in alleged anti-gay attack

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI – Family and friends of a Louisville, Kentucky, teen who sustained multiple injuries, including a broken jaw, after she was attacked by a group of adults, say they believe she was the target of a hate crime, according to local media reports.

Family friend Brenda Hickerson reportedly told an NBC affiliate that the teenager, who had several teeth knocked out during the July 17 attack, had to have a plate put in her jaw. She was on the ground being punched and kicked until a bystander called out to her attackers to stop and called the police, Hickerson said. "I think she was targeted for being a strong lesbian young girl," Hickerson said.

At the time of the attack, the girl was with two younger boys, one of whom called his mother to tell her that they were being followed by four grownups, who were allegedly yelling anti-gay slurs at the girl. 

Andi Hornback, the mother of the two boys, told the NBC affiliate that by the time she arrived at the scene, police and EMS were already there. She said one of her sons, who tried to help the girl during the attack, suffered a concussion after he was knocked down.

One woman was reportedly among those involved in the incident, but Hornback's boys indicated that she didn't attack anyone. Police say they are investigating the assault.  

News of this latest attack follows last month's shooting of a south Texas lesbian couple, Mary Kristene Chapa and Mollie Olgin. 

Olgin died of her injuries, but Chapa survived and has recovered enough to assist police with their investigation, helping them develop a sketch of the suspect.

The shooting is not being investigated as a hate crime, according to ABC News.

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