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Kenya, Amazon and the World Cup

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Kenyan president pushes back against gay rights

As Kenyan activists challenge gay rights laws in court, President Uhuru Kenyatta dismissed gay rights as having “no importance” in the country in an interview with CNN.

Commonwealth meeting ends with no word on LGBT rights

Despite promises by British and Canadian leaders to bring up the issue, a week long meeting of Commonwealth nations in London ended without a word about LGBT rights. [The Globe and Mail]

The gay angle in Amazon’s search for a new home

As online retail giant Amazon searches for a second company base, gay rights is playing a surprisingly large role. [The Washington Post]

Russian World Cup to host Pride House

Despite a national culture of homophobia, the World Cup in Russia this summer will feature a Pride House to welcome LGBT fans and athletes, according to reports.

Italian law still forces lesbians to lie about conception

In Italy, lesbian couples must declare that they conceived children through heterosexual sex in order to be seen as parents. The Daily Beast talks to one lesbian politician who refused.