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Killer of gay bartender sentenced to life

Triple murderer pleads guilty

Triple murderer Jesse Imeson pled guilty to three counts of second degree murder in a Goderich court on Oct 27.

Imeson entered the pleas in the 2007 killings of Carlos Rivera — a bartender at the Windsor gay bar The Tap — and Bill and Helene Regier, an elderly couple who lived northwest of London.

Imeson was sentenced to life without a chance for parole for 15 years in the Rivera murder and life without a chance for parole for 25 years in the Regier murders, according to the London Free Press. Imeson had been charged with first degree murder in all three cases.

Rivera, 25, a native of El Salvador, began working at the bar in the summer of 2007 after being recruited by owner Eddie An to work at The Tap after its reopening.

“He knew this business,” An told Xtra after the murder. “Plus he was a sweet guy and a hard worker. He treated customers really well and the other bartenders liked him.”

An said Rivera also had a day job at the local mall and was an architectural student at St Clair College. He told Xtra Rivera DJed and helped audition dancers at the bar.

“He really loved being surrounded by a gay environment,” said An.

An said Imeson had shown up at the bar on Jul 17, 2007 seeking to become a dancer, but was told to come back the next day with proper identification. Rivera talked to him then and is thought to have left with him when the bar closed.

Rivera’s body was found in Imeson’s room in a Windsor boarding house on Jul 19.

Imeson went on the run and on Jul 22 broke into the Regier’s home and killed the couple in their 70s. He was eventually arrested on Jul 31 in a empty cottage in western Quebec.