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Kim Ann Foxman returns with new single, video

Kim Ann Foxman is, like her name, foxy.

Sly and sexy, wily and smart, Foxman’s musical endeavours have led to a strong and devoted fanbase. Most discovered her through her work with Hercules and Love Affair on such tracks as “Athene” and “I Can’t Wait.” Foxman continued to collaborate with H&LA’s Andy Butler on a single from Mr Intl (Butler’s label) entitled "Creature," which paid both aesthetic and sonic homage to the clubs and kids of late-’80s/early-’90s NYC. Foxman has also collaborated with Kink & Neville Watson and Layo & Bushwacka, as well as working hard as a DJ spinning records for various clubs and doing promo material for magazines

Foxman has just put out a new video for her latest release, entitled “Return It.” According to Fact mag, Foxman says the song is “about the mutual love and respect that should be there in any
relationship whether it may be with a friend or lover. The video is
about the beauty of love, trust, & friendship – it’s a romantic,
honest, & faithful statement for the song."

Check it out.


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